Photographs and Notes from Colombia and the Americas

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Eternal Protests in the City of The Eternal Spring

A critical look back at the 2021 protest in Colombia on the eve of the first anniversary.

Anhedonis Universum · in the limbo of mind and matter

Mist over a sea of intranquillity

An intergalactic journey from within the confines of my own home during isolation and COVID lockdowns

Little Big Top – Medellín’s 50 cent circuses

Fragments from a Perennial Conflict · 1994-2016

Massacre in Granada · 3 November 2000

At around midday on the 3rd November of 2000, the Bloque Metro of the AUC entered the small town of Granada in Eastern Antioquia province and began shooting, massacring 17 townsfolk and injuring four others. The town counted with a heavily fortified police station, but the police (a military rather than judicial force in Colombia) did not confront the paramilitaries who left the town without having been engaged by the security forces. Two days after the massacre, as the hundreds accompanied a dozen coffins to the cemetery overlooking the town, shots from automatic weapons rang out from the mountains to the south. Five weeks later, on the 6th of December, the FARC guerrilla detonated a car bomb close to the police station and attacked the police. A large part of the town centre was destroyed and 19 police and civilians were killed and 21 injured.

The following day the FARC announced that they were to release some 500 captured soldiers and police.