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Paul Mark Smith ~ photographer


Not My Revolution

Medellín and the National Strike

Looking back on the National Strike in Medellín and the rest of Colombia – coming soon-ish.

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“Eternamente Medellín” · Colombia 1995 ~ present
Community leaders and activists under threat · Colombia
2016 ~ present
“Fragments from a Perennial War” · Colombia 1995 ~ 2017
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Under Grey Skies · 1980s 1990s Britain
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Fragments from a Perennial War · Prisoners or Hostages?

June 2001

Hundreds of Colombian troops are released from guerrilla captivity to great fanfare. Most had been held captive for many years after being captured in combats with FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). The guerrillas were putting on a big show for the local community, the national and international media, and their own troops. A downpour ruined the gran finale and the whole event seemed to evaporate in a instant. Months later the peace process between the Conservative government of Andres Pastrana and FARC guerrillas would do the same…