Diverse City Queens

Gente Diversa, a LGBTQ community group in Colombia, holds a fiesta and beauty pageant to elect Señora Colombia in a bar in downtown Medellín.

This gathering is the kind of situation that is very easy to photograph. Kind of! A performance really. But then much of what we see represented by photography is performance. So accustomed we are to seeing images; being photographed; photographing; filming; being filmed; aware of being filmed; and consuming images that, to varying degrees, we are all performers, whether that be acting up, or behaving better when the camera phones come out.

This evening of “theatre” was made more interesting by the squeeze and the chaos that restricts and denies you getting good pictures, and then throws up some gems of choreography, which hopefully you capture. “A río revuelto…¨ For me the fun is the challenge of juggling all these variables and looking for moments in the chaos and the spaces.

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