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  • Sexual Malice in Town Called Pleasure

    Sexual Malice in Town Called Pleasure

    When right-wing paramilitaries entered gun ablaze in the coca town of El Placer in Putumayo a seven-year-long reign of terror began during which they preyed upon young girls and women, raping and committing femicides at will. Click here or on the photo to go to the page. Read more

  • The Dream Factory

    The Dream Factory

    Chapter I (Medellín, Colombia). In Colombia’s second city getting to play on a level field is something that most will not get a shot at. The country is one of the least equitable on the face of the earth and most kids find a more level field playing football on the sloped streets and pitted… Read more

  • Bogotá – an anniversary

    Bogotá – an anniversary

    On a day like today – the 26th of November 1994 – I first trod Colombian soil. Here I showcase some of the pictures I took in the first month in Bogotá before my equipment was stolen. 😀 Click here or on the image to go to the page. Barrio Diana Turbay · December 1994 Read more

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