Fragments from a Perennial Conflict · 1994-2016

Index of Photographs, Notes & Anecdotes

Extrajudicial Killing False Positive Mother shows photo of her dead son murdered by the Colombian Army
Young girl shows scars left by hand grenade shrapnel

Magdalena Medio · 1994/5

Human rights abuses & the paramilitary advance · Bolívar & Santander

In Clouds · 1994

Land invasions/occupations by economic and conflict displaced communities · Diana Turbay, Bogotá

Living and Dying on the Edge · 1995

Growing up in the marginal city neighbourhoods · Villa Lilian & La Sierra, Medellín

Police with rifles check documents whilst a boy looks at them
Man with rifle walks in front of paramilitary graffiti

After Genesis · 1997

In the territories of the displaced after the Military & Paramilitary Offensive Genesis · Riosucio, El Chocó

After Genesis · 1997

Thousands forced to flee army offensive take refuge · Urabá, Antioquia

A march of farmers, who hold a flag with a white cross, through a small Colombian village.
A man sits alone on a bed in a house as someone looks in through the window

Resist to Exist · 1997

The Peace Community of San José de Apartadó · Urabá, Antioquia

For the Blood of the Earth · 1997

The indigenous U’wá people resist the oil companies · North Santander

In Hiding · 1997

Community leaders fleeing their would-be assassins · Quibdó, el Chocó

Invisible Victims · 1999

Mothers of La Candelaria & families of the disappeared · Medellín

Uprooted · 1999

Forcibly Displaced in the Aburrá Valley · Medellín

Handmade Homes · 1999

Displaced families in the city · Valle de Aburrá, Antioquia

Car Bomb · 1999

FARC militias attack the army’s GAULA · Barrio Estadio, Medellín

A widow with a candle in a Catholic mass to commemorate those killed in Operation Genesis
A wooden boat "chalupa" full of displaced people returning along a calm river at dusk

The Returnees · 2000

Afro-Colombian and Chilapa peace communities of Cacarica · Turbo, Antioquia/Atrato, El Chocó

Back to Zero · 2000

Fire destroys hundreds of homes on land occupied by displaced families · Vallejuelos, Medellín

The Killing Hills · 2000

Paramilitary massacre of civilians · Barbosa, Antioquia

Human Flotsam · 2000

FARC guerrillas displace rural families · San Rafael, Antioquia

Another’s Battleground · 2000

Paramilitaries slaughter townsfolk and prepare the scene for reprisals by FARC guerrillas · Granada, Antioquia

Hundreds of FARC guerrillas gathered and walking along a dirt road
FARC guerrilla with bullet belts and red flag

Guerrilla Grandstanding · 2001

FARC guerrillas perform and promenade for the big show · La Macarena, Meta

Young woman FARC guerrilla in beret behind a chain-link fence with water drops
Captured, smiling and cheering soldiers and police behind a string fence

Captured or Kidnapped? · 2001

The FARC release hundreds of soldiers and police · La Macarena, Meta

Culture of Antioquia · 2001

Inconvenient truths · Alto de Minas

On the Highway · 2001

Medellín-Bogotá “Autopista” occupied by displaced communities · Bello, Antioquia

On the Highway · 2001

Guerrillas, Army, bandits and travellers on the national “motorway” · Cocorná, Antioquia

A young girl in a doorway to a house to where a coffin has been delivered wrapped in brown paper
Children run by threatening graffiti painted by paramilitaries after a massacre

A Perverse Quid Pro Quo · 2001

Guerillas take cattle; paramilitaries take lives · Peque, Antioquia

Precision Burning · 2001

FARC masacre and burn in paramilitary coca town · La Caucana, Antioquia

After Bojayá · 2002

Airborn troops arrive & communities flee bombardments · Quibdó, El Chocó

Diaspora & the Heroic City Boglands · 2002

Displaced peoples · El Pozón, Cartagena

Orion’s Garrote · 2002

Guns ablaze, the military enters the 13th Commune, with paramilitaries in their wake · Medellín, Antioquia

Solitude · 2002

Paramilitary-control in the bananalands · Urabá, Antioquia

Display of the Dead · 2002

Showing the kill to the media · Santuario, Antioquia

El Chinga & El Ratón · 2002

Guns, gangs & minors · Medellín

A hole ripped open in the road by a bomb explosion on a bridge
Line of walking guerrillas and a dumper truck carrying passengers

Done Talking · 2002

The Pastrana government & FARC guerrillas close-off roads to peace · Puerto Rico, Caqueta

A FARC guerrilla woman and woman street vendor with a Madonna t-shirt.

Rebel Heart · 2002

The guerrilla state within a state · San Vincente de Caguán

In the Hands of God · 2003

Fire in settlement of displaced families · Mano de Dios, Medellín

Men of Steel · 2003

The Colombian Army win Hearts & Minds · Barrio Estadio, Medellín

Youths train with wooden weapons in paramilitary encampment of the Metro Block
Youths train with wooden weapons in paramilitary encampment of the Metro Block

The Theatre of War · 2003

The Metro Block paramilitary carousel of youths between Medellín and the countryside · San Roque, Antioquia

Women in Black · 2003

Peace movement · Cocorná, Antioquia

Paramilitaries of the Bloque Metro patrol countryside

Block Extinction · 2003

The last weeks of the Bloque Metro paramilitaries · Antioquia

Interview with an Uribe Vélez · 2003

President Álvaro breaks with protocol · Rionegro, Antioquia

Antioquia · 2003

Paramilitary with revolver in demobilisation ceremony

Exhibitionists · 2003

The paramilitary Nutibara Block puts on a show with the gangs · Medellín, Antioquia

If You’re Fleeing to San Francisco · 2004

Fleeing bombardments and a military offensive · San Francisco, Antioquia

Don Berna and Rocio Arias at demobilisation of paramilitaries

Swollen Figures · 2005

The Heroes of Granada Block of the Self-defences demobilises · Cristales, Antioquia

Resistance · 2005

Returnees resist the armed groups · Cacarica, El Chocó

Perder · Lost

The traces of lost lives and lost livelihoods · Urabá & Middle Magdalena

Caught in the Crossfire · 2010

The Awá walk the thin line between armed groups, coca leaf & convivence · Ricaurte/Barbacoas, Nariño

Sexual Malice in a Town Called Pleasure · 2014

Right-wing paramilitaries’ seven-year reign of terror · El Placer, Putumayo

Still bringing in the Leave$ · 2014

Coca and pepper the mix of crop substitution · San Miguel & La Hormiga, Putumayo

Un-disappeared · 2016

Reuniting victims of forced disappearance with families · Medellín, Antioquia

All About Castrochavism · 2016

Colombians grab the “paquete chileno” in the peace plebiscite · Rejecting the Peace Accords

Hidden Among the Leaves · Neverland

Living under the control of post-Accords mafias

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