Comuna 13 – photography workshop

In 2006 I worked with a group of youths in the 13th Commune of Medellín. Here a presentation of their final works, which were exhibited in the 7th Commune of Medellín, but not the 13th unfortunately. The project was done under the auspices of “Click Por Los Barrios” – a collective to which I did/do not belong. I was invited to conduct classes for the project, for which “Click” had attained financing from the Municipality of Medellín, as the members of the group were too busy to do the workshops.

During the workshops that we worked on the streets and in the alleyways of the 13th Commune, sometimes holding editing sessions on the street too.

Below is a photo-book that I put together to present to the the Mayor of Medellín, Sergio Fajardo, as we were unable to present the photographs as part of an exhibition for the inauguration of the San Javier (13th Commune) public library. A group of the students presented the book to the Mayor during the event which was attended by national and local media and dignitaries.