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Mumbling Truth to Power

Main picture (above): Children of the Bal Mazdoor child workers union demonstrate for their rights · Delhi 1995

In this time when we are all publishers and folks ache for likes and followers, I take consolation in this quiet little space I have organised in those mind bogglingly enormous clouds of bits and bytes of information stored in cold places which could all be wiped in the next solar storm blast to bathe our earth. So, inevitably, eventually it will all cease to be, as will we. In the meantime I share these pages of notes, anecdotes and images confident that they will be little read and little scrutinised, which in turn gives me all the confidence in the world to spew my clumsy prose. But I also share my poetry for those who appreciate it: that of movement, moments, light and spaces, now wrapped in the past, a history of common folk in everyday life.

All is in progress and under construction, and there is always more to come as their are truths to be listened to and photographed, and also images to enjoy and perhaps discuss.



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