Documentary Photography

A continuing journey; the same tune; a differing song

I’m always telling myself that I won’t return to photographing theatre, but then I always do. However, as in photographing theatre, photographing life is just a more fun as your challenge is to be present and not present in equal measure. Having been allowed into someone else’s universe there is a responsibility to strip away any personal prejudices and endeavour to understand, interpret and the, ultimately, relate.

But there are two texts evolving here – and supposedly I’m just doing a “how does it all work and have I configured all well?” rather than writing per se – On theatre – relate to how much of what we see, also also do, is theatre. the world is geared for the camera – bit of nostalgia perhaps? – however much of what we see – certainly on the mainstream media is scripted. On smaller platforms, we self script and edit and prune – which is evolving into a parallel theme. Staying on theme we go to encounters in the conflict – including the question of the false reinsertion, and the “real” –

The other being the opener – Kind of Pencilled Notes about what photography has offered, but in terms of a vessel to carry one to that horizon. The concerns and learning, the joy, responsibility as a chronicler – perhaps that is what is first sacrificed by many, but is what is at the very essence of that responsibility to be a just observer. In the mix of documentary your are sharing and complicities creep in – there are lines to be respected. Remember that these folks are like you with their own generosities, manners, insecurities, pride. Just like oneself. Conserving that basic humanity is key – perhaps end up i riot land – as I am on a trip about responsibilities and lines and these also involve how one’s presence can also egg on the events. When perhaps speaking out or acting is necessary. the strange idea that by conserviing certain distances one can be more objective. An absurd idea as objectivity is something that is integral to a person, and they who are not so, are soon revealed. Errors are made, but the role of the journalist/ documentary photographer is to strive to be just story teller who considers the nuances of life.

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